Interesting Studies, Facts, & Opinions - April 2020 edition

April 23rd, 2020

If you wonder why good food is more important than mortality and why ordering too many unnecessary consults worsens the food and doesn't impact mortality - this episode is for you. Tramadol is not well understood by many prescribers and there are some emerging facts we all need to know. A flashback to diuretic use in congestive heart failure with fluid overload and elevated creatinine is also discussed somewhere in the mix. Ohhh...and stop systematically prescribing nicotine replacement at high dosages for all hospitalized smokers.

Stevens JP, Hatfield LA, Nyweide DJ, Landon B. Association of Variation in Consultant Use Among Hospitalist Physicians With Outcomes Among Medicare Beneficiaries. JAMA February 21, 2020

“Twenty Common Mistakes Made in Daily Clinical Practice” American Journal of Medicine 2020:133(01):1-3

Cristobal Young, Xinxiang Chen, Patients as Consumers in the Market for Medicine: The Halo Effect of Hospitality, Social Forces

Tramadol is an odd, unpredictable opioid, scientists say - December 13, 2019


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